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Privacy policy × When visiting the coworking centre Opero and when cooperating with the company Opero s. We are doing everything in order not to disappoint your trust.

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We would like to explain to you how we handle personal data. The principles apply to all suppliers, visitors, as well as anyone else who contacts the Company or sends it information in any way unless stated otherwise below. Data controller The controller of personal data is the Company.

If you would like to contact us and ask about anything regarding the processing of personal data, you may use the following contact details: E-mail: pavel.

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Information from other sources These sources include: publicly accessible sources including the public registers and Internet network, if we necessarily need this data, for example for the issuing of an invoice, or in case you make your commercial contact details public on the Internet and we would like to offer you cooperation; information which we have received from third persons, for example your employers or co-workers or trade partners, and which we necessarily need for the realization of an order.

The Company may combine information collected from these sources with further information which it has at its disposal. How we use your data The Company uses collected data for the following purposes: Protection of property and protection of the rights of third persons We have an interest in protecting the property and rights of the Company and third persons.

For this purpose, the premises and office of the Company are secured with a camera system.

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If you come visit us, you will be identified at the reception for the same purpose. We use your data exclusively for the aforementioned purpose and do not process it further. Conclusion, change and termination of contracts We use data for the preparation of contractual documentation, change of contracts or the termination of contracts.

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We necessarily need your personal data for this purpose, in order to comply with the legal requirements for the conclusion, change and termination of contractual Zvyseni muzskeho videa. Contacting for cooperation We use data for requests of services and products from various providers if your personal data is publicly available on the Internet or if you voluntarily provide us with your data, for example at a fair, meeting or a similar opportunity.

At the same time, we believe that by this we do not infringe on your privacy. If this should nevertheless bother you, please let us know as soon as possible.

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Providing of services We use data for the actual realisation of services, for the communication with visitors, attendees of events, clients and suppliers. For this purpose we necessarily need your personal data, in order to provide our services and simultaneously comply with all legally binding regulation.

Accounting administration We use data for the issuing of invoices and accounting administration. For this purpose we necessarily need your personal data, in order to comply with the legal requirements on accounting administration.

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Marketing We furthermore use your personal data for the purpose of sending commercial announcements, if you have voluntarily given us your consent for it, or if you are attendees of events at Opero, potentially we are in a contractual relationship, since we reasonably suppose that you are interested in information and news of the Company.

If you attend an event at Opero, we may take photo or video footage of the event and make this footage public on our website, social media or other marketing materials of the Company for the purpose of informing about the event. The footage is not taken with the intention of processing your personal data, however should this nevertheless be uncomfortable to you, please let us know as soon as possible and, if it is possible, we will remove the footage.

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Recruitment of new employees If you send us your CV, we will use your data for the filling of a new employment position.

We will process your personal data for the entire duration of the competitive hiring procedure, unless you give us consent to preserve your data for a duration of two further years in the case of a newly open employment position in the future.

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Court proceedings and protection of legal claims We may use the collected data for investigation or resolving disputes or legal claims which relate to commercial cooperation with the Company, or in other cases allowed for by legally binding regulation.

Sharing and transferring of data The Company may share the collected data: With our commercial partners The Company may provide information to its collaborating partners, suppliers, consultants, software providers, advisors and further service providers or commercial partners, if they secure services for the Company which consist of the processing of personal data.

In no case will we provide your personal data, for payment or without payment, to third persons who do not need your data for anything.

Privacy policy × When visiting the coworking centre Opero and when cooperating with the company Opero s.

We would like to assure you that our all commercial partners of the Company are bound by a confidentiality duty and comply by legally binding regulation concerning the protection of personal data. For legal reasons or in case of disputes The Company may share your data, if it is required by the law, regulations, operation agreements, legal processes or government offices: with the police and courts, government offices or other third parties, if it is necessary in enforcing our legal claims, if it is necessary for the protection of rights Po obrizce se clen ve vysi snizil property of the Company or third persons; with other parties in connection with potential merger of companies, selling of property, consolidation or restructuring, financing or transfer of the Company or its part into the ownership of a different company.

With your consent The Company may also share your data in other ways, if it informs you of it and you give consent to it.

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Your rights in connection with the processing of personal data You may claim the following rights in connection with the processing of your personal data. You may use the contact details of the Company provided in these principles or at www. Preservation and deleting of data We preserve your data for the entire duration of the contractual relationship with the Company and standardly a further ten 10 years after its ending, unless there are different archiving periods set by the law.

The Company will delete or anonymise your data immediately after you request it to with the exception of the cases mentioned below. If the law permits, the Company may preserve certain data also after the expiration of the preserving period, that is, in these cases: if the Company is resolving some issue with you, such as an unfinished dispute or legal claim.

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Access to your data You may contact us free of charge at any time with a request for information on whether we process your personal data and if so, ask for detailed information about this processing. Change of your data or an error in data If there is any change in your personal data throughout the duration of your contractual relationship with the Jak rychle zvysit svuj clen, such as a change of name, change of office or residence or e-mail address or telephone number, or if it comes to your attention that we are operating with expired or erroneous data, please let us know of it as soon as possible.

Restriction of processing we are processing your inaccurate data, the processing of your data is unlawful and you wish to delete all Jak rychle zvysit svuj clen datawe do not need your data anymore for the abovementioned purposes, however you would like to use them for the defence of your legal claims, for example in a court proceeding, Our messages now bother you, despite our supposing that they could interest you, you may ask us for a restriction of processing only some of your Jak rychle zvysit svuj clen or for only certain purposes of processing.

Objection against processing If the Company is processing personal data from the title of a justifiable interest of the controller, you may raise an objection against such processing. Revocation of consent for the processing of personal data If the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you may revoke the consent in writing including e-mail at any time. Transferability of data You may contact us at any time, in order for us to transfer the data which have at our disposal to a third person of your specification.

Complaint at the Office for personal data protection If you believe Jak rychle zvysit svuj clen we are handling your data in contradiction to the law, you may at any time file a complaint at the Office for personal data protection.

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